Agility Crisis & Resilience Consulting

Agility Crisis & Resilience Consulting Pte Ltd (or ACRC) is established with one of the key objectives being to ensure our clients will receive good or excellent BCM services and support. That is, clients can be assured that their management systems developed and implemented can continue to be maintained and sustainably improved – ensuring their program and plans will be relevant and effective to mitigate multiple anticipated risks, and will also be flexible and adaptable to multiple unknown risks. The programs will typically encompass more than the standalone areas of business continuity, crisis and risk management.


Our aim will be to make the business continuity management system and other relevant processes for organizations become more robust and more resilient – mitigating the impact (over time) for multiple anticipated and multiple unanticipated risks.

Our Services and Solutions

Organizations will be able to leverage on our services to enable their critical processes to become more agile and resilient (or robust) – even thriving during major local and global calamities. Preventive and protection risk treatment measures will be aligned to incident (including emergency) response, business continuity, recovery and resumption, and also information, communications and operation technology disaster recovery. The time-based action plans we implement will be integrated, coherent and relevant to the organization; which will minimize (or eliminate) the limitations that are often associated with silo-type plans and procedures. At the same time, the documented processes and plans will be easier to maintain and update.

Contacting Us

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